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Beyond the Myths exhibition event 2008

List of participating artists:

Exhibition Beyond the Myths 13 September – 5 October 2008

1. Ciara Healy (Ireland / UK)
When a sense of place or home is lost through social or environmental change we often attempt to make tangible what is missing and absent. In order to come to terms with this loss, we romanticise what has been left behind precisely because it is no longer physically tangible.

2. Dieter Buchhart (Austria)
 Critically tackling the relation of society and nature in his installation work, Dieter invites the visitor to participate to complete the work. In the project ‘House for Urtica - Cork’ the weed Urtica dioíca, the great stinging nettle, is part of the artwork.

3. Meaghan Schwelm (USA)
Meaghan makes art to find things again. She develops installations, dwellings, garments, and artifacts from mechanically reproducible or industrial materials and ephemera.

4. Julia Pallone (Cork)
Over the last 10 years I have been developing my art practice involving drawings, photography, sculpture, installations and performances. My work is conceptual and focuses on expression with a poetic and surrealistic vision of the world, be it by analogy, similarity or evocation of ideas.

5. Colette Lewis (Cork)
The Harbour was experienced as a natural extension, bridging communities across the water. In this era of the car it is considered more of a barrier separating and dividing communities. I’ve created a collection of 'greeting postcards' which function as 'views' to engage communities that inhabit the Harbour.

6. Mara Scrupe (USA)
The activity of borrowing and interpreting images from the natural world – whether mediated or wild - is an ages-old process, one which is deeply etched in the human psyche and memory and belies a seemingly insatiable human need for associations with nature.

7. Tom Fannon (Cobh, Co. Cork)
I love the way you can play with the paint on the canvas until you find something that works.  The hardest part is to know when to leave it alone.  I paint simply for the enjoyment and to leave behind a piece of myself.

8. David Kavanagh (Cork)
Science is constantly opening up new frontiers of knowledge, but ignorance expands in tandem, it often seems that every new discovery gives rise to a number of new questions. This results in an enormous playing field of theory and counter theory, mystery and revelation.

9. Mary Gough (Conna, Co. Cork)
Loves to paint "en plain air" where the stimulus of the immediacy gives a unique vibrancy and liveliness. Works also from sketches made on location.

10) Allan Giddy (Australia)
His sound and video work 'Stations of the Cross' shows crows vying to roost on St. Colman's Cathedral in Cobh. They 'recompose' The Wild Colonial Boy through (Bells/organ/choir), as each point of the cross is made active to their touch.

11. Martin Sims (Australia)
The artwork is envisaged by inverting most of the physical characteristics of a Martello Tower through transcribing its shape and essential contours - both interior and exterior – into transparent, visible form.

12. Danny McCarthy (Midleton, Co. Cork)
"Sounding d (harbour)" This work is created from field recordings made at various sites around Cork Harbour including boat trips made as part of the "Lab. Days" which formed an integral part of the project. A soundscape is created making the listener aware of the acoustic ecology of the area.

The Cork Harbour Project was created, managed and realized by Sarah Iremonger for Sirius Arts Centre, with help from Jim Wilson who initially conceived the idea of connecting artists with the unique environment of Cork Harbour.

The Cork Harbour Project could not have taken place without help from the Arts Council through a New Project award 2007 and the Cork County Council’s Arts Award Scheme 2007 & 2008.

Special thanks to all the artists and speakers who participated in Lab 1 & Lab 2 in 2007

For the realization of this exhibition and related events, thanks to everyone at the Sirius Arts Centre; Cobh and Passage West / Monkstown Town Councils; Paul and Gemma O’Halloran of Ryan’s Bar, Cobh; Danny Halligan; The Mercantile Hotel, Sydney, Australia; Birgit O’Driscoll & ECAD East Cork Area Development; Alice D’Arcy, Sophie Le Roch and Sébastien Bertrand of Cork Greenmap also Naomi Fein; Lieutenant Commander Cormac Rynne, Irish Navy; Ted Creedon; O’Leary Insurance; Jane Smith, Office of Public Works Ireland OPW; Jamil Yamani Technical Programmer, College of fine Arts COFA; University of New South Wales UNSW; The Environmental Research Institute for Art ERIA; Sydney Olympic park Authority

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